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Wheat Puff

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For those who are fond of rice puffs, now is the time to give your tastebuds a little twist. This Wheat Puffs from the Savoury section of Govindjee is one of its kind in terms of taste, freshness, and crunchiness. Packed with modern techniques to retain the crunchiness, freshness, and flavours. Wheat puffs are the ideal snack for any hour of the day. A favourite among young and old alike, the wheat puffs are perfect to go along with beverages like tea and coffee. The Wheat puffs of Govindjee are dressed with a traditional mix of spices, which give them their unique taste!  


  • Shelf life : 2 Months 
  • Size : 200 Gm
  • HSN Code : 17049030
  • Packaging Type : Pouch

Wheat Puff, Gram Flour, Sugar, Red Chilli, Lodized Salt, Vegetable Refined Oil.

Amount per serving 100 gm.

Energy k/cal. 345
Protein (g) 8
Carbohydrate  (g) 53.03
Sugar (g)
Total fat (g) 11.22


Storage information -

Store the snacks in an airtight container to avoid any sort of moisture.
Our snacks are brought to you in resealable canisters and ziplock bags, making your snacking experience smarter. 

Store in cool, dry and dark place not exceeding 25° C, away from direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

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Must try, excellent

good in taste ,loved it

Jaya Agnihotri C/o Padmini Smetacek
We will order it again

We liked it so much