One stop for guilt-free snacks

Indian’s love to munch snacks with their evening tea, with lunch or serve it to the guests, and for their true love we came up with a healthy version by roasting them.

Say hello, to the whole gamut of Roasted snacks that we are so happy of curating for you so that you can able to enjoy it in a healthy way. We have only used ingredients that are good for you with a burstof uniquely delicious flavors. Begin your healthy journey of snacking today!

Spoiling you in a healthy way!

Make your snacking game strong but healthy too with Govindjee, which offers a wide collection of snacks filled with nutritional values so that you don’t have to compromise with your favourite snacks. Whatever you are craving for, we have a solution for all of it, so don’t wait anymore

This ones for all the sweet-tooth out there!

Try our flavourful and extremely healthy range of cookies that will have you hooked on them! Taste these melt-in-the-mouth treats and you’ll thank us later!