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An iconic product from the Savoury section of Govindjee, the Soya Stick is simply unputdownable! One can never have enough of these super delicious soya sticks. Made with premium ingredients and love, these soya sticks will definitely cause an explosion of flavours in your mouth! Although the Soya Sticks are popular with evening tea or coffee, one can have them throughout the day. Dressed with a mixture of special and traditional spices, these Soya Sticks are so tasty that anyone from eight to eight would like to munch on them throughout the day! Packed with scientific techniques in order to preserve the taste and crunchiness, the Soya Sticks are simply brilliant! 


Soya Flour, Tapioca Starch ,Refined Palmolein Oil, Black Pepper, Split Pulses Urad Flour, Rice Flour, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder , Cumin Powder, Clove, Dry Mango Powder, Refined Sugar, Iodized Salt, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Cardamom, Acidity Regulator (INS330), Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Salt, Asafoetida , Bay Leaf , Cinnamon, Fennel Seed & Turmeric .


Shelf life : 2 Months
Size : 200 Gm
HSN Code : 21069099
Packaging Type : Pouch

Nutritional information Per 100g

Energy Value k/ca, 509g
Protein, 13g
Total Carbohydrate, 58g
Sugars, 3g
Total Fat, 25g

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