The Govindjee Story

The Beginning

The story states back in 1954 when all you could find were fried snacks in the market. The people who wanted healthy snacking options couldn’t find any. And that is how our journey to provide healthy snacks started by adapting roasting method instead of frying. It was the start of our long journey, which we now call Govindjee.


Commitment towards Healthy Snacks

Every product that we offer now are all available in every Indian kitchen and the ones our grandmother always insisted on eating them. Our products are a blend of traditional ingredients with healthy approach and some exotic spices. Enriched with nutritional ingredients to make your mid-meal snacking guilt-free that are delicious too.


Pioneer in Roasted Namkeen in Rajasthan

Our grandfather, who sowed an idea, has now become a full-grown business, run by the third generation of the family. We currently own more than 150 products in our store, ranging from savory to sweet that fits all kinds of mood.



With over years of experience, our experienced team are dedicated to transforming Indian Kitchen super foods into lip-smacking snacks for you. Our only motive is for you to enjoy snacking without worrying about the calories and to Eat Good, Anytime!