The Govindjee Story

Our Story

In 1954, when fried snacks dominated the market, we embarked on a mission to provide healthier options. This began our journey of using traditional roasting methods, a journey now proudly known as Govindjee.

Wholesome Goodness

Inspired by the wisdom of Indian grandmothers, we offer snacks you can find in any Indian kitchen. We craft them with wholesome ingredients, a twist of healthy innovation, and just a touch of exotic spice. Our snacks are nutritious, delicious, and completely guilt-free!

Legacy of Roasted Snacks

What started as a simple idea is now a flourishing family business led by the third generation. We boast over 150 savory and sweet snacks to suit every craving and mood.

Our Vision

Our experienced team transforms the superfoods of traditional Indian kitchens into incredible snacks. We believe in worry-free snacking, letting you Eat Good, Anytime!