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The salted mixture from GovindJee's Bhel collection is a salty and tasty snack. The ingredients of this salted mix are, wheat poha, corn poha, Murmura, sago wafers, bajra, Papad, jawar, potato, gram, soybean, and edible refined groundnut oil. As the name suggests, these ingredients are mixed and dressed with the addition of iodized salt and black salt. Since this salted mix does not contain any other spices, it is popular among children and aged people. The mix contains high nutrition values, like proteins, minerals, vitamins, and good fats. If you are conscious about your health and wish to snack on something tasty, then this salted mixture, which contains many health benefits in every handful, is just the perfect munchy for you. 


Gram, Wheat Poha, Murmura, Corn Poha, Bajra, Papad, Sago Wafers, Potato, Jawar, Soyabean, Edible Refined Groundnut oil, Iodized Salt & Black Salt


Shelf life : 2 Months
Size : 200 Gm
HSN Code : 21069099
Packaging Type : Pouch

Nutritional information Per 100g

Energy Value k/cal, 108
Protein, 3.67g
Total Carbohydrate, 17.75g
Sugars, NIL
Total Fat, 2.87g

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