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Quinoa Mix / Roasted Quinoa Mix

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Although this particular mixture is called the quinoa mixture, yet it contains several other healthy seeds and lentils, like watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds, and Masoor dal. Quinoa is often called a super-grain. Although it is a seed of an edible plant the quinoa is often consumed like a grain. The gluten-free quinoa seeds are also great sources of protein. The quinoa helps to clear arteries of deposited fat and helps to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. This tasty quinoa mixture from GovindJee's Bhel mixture collection also has other health benefits such as relieving pain and curing urinary-track infections or UTIs. This wonder-grain, which helps to lose weight, is also tasty and crunchy, and one must immediately include them in their regular diet! 


  • Shelf life : 3 Months 
  • Size : 180 Gm 
  • HSN Code : 21069099
  • Packaging Type : Can

Quinoa, Pumpkin Seed, Watermelon Seed, Lentil Edible Refined Groundnut oil, Iodized Salt, Chillies Powder, Dry Mango Powder, Black Salt Mixed Spices Powder & Condiments

    Amount per serving 100 gm.

    Energy k/cal. 247.94
    Protein (g) 12.47
    Carbohydrate  (g) 30.29
    Sugar (g)
    Total fat (g) 15.16

    Storage information -

    Store the snacks in an airtight container to avoid any sort of moisture.
    Our snacks are brought to you in resealable canisters and ziplock bags, making your snacking experience smarter. 

    Store in cool, dry and dark place not exceeding 25° C, away from direct sunlight.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Ashok Jha
    Tasty and nutritious.

    It is tasty and nutritious

    Worth a snack

    Ideal gift to loved ones on healthy snaking. This was happily appreciated.

    Very good product

    Loved this product and very high quality. Definitely recommend it for someone with diabetic due to low carbs and less calories

    Garima Mangal