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The most sought-after and popular snacking option in India is Muri. a staple diet for many muri not just a crispy and tasty snack but is also budget-friendly. The Muri Masala from the Bhel Mix collection of Govindjee is mouthwateringly delicious and crunchy. It is packed using modern technology in order to retain the crispiness of the muri. A favourite of young and old alike the muri masala is mixed using puffed rice, peanuts which are a rich source of proteins, and a traditional blend of spices. A healthy evening munchy, the muri masala goes brilliantly with beverages like tea or coffee.  


    Murmura, Makka Poha, Peanut, Bajra, Bhujia, Edible Refined Soyabean oil, Iodized Salt, Chillies Powder, Kala Namak, Dry Mango Powder, Mixed Spices Powder & Condiments


    Shelf life : 2 Months
    Size : 200 Gm
    HSN Code : 21069099
    Packaging Type : Pouch

    Nutritional information Per 100g

    Energy Value k/cal, 369.6
    Protein, 23.34g
    Total Carbohydrate, 65.45g
    Sugars, 19.23g
    Total Fat, 4.56g

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