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Masala Candies are a favourite flavourful treat from all over India . They are sold in every grocery shop, or on buses and trains and everybody loves having them. The masala candies are unique in taste . They are sweet with a burst of spiciness making them the most unique candy. Masala candies can be munched on by everyone. It is equally loved by kids and adults and our masala candies are a tribute to the simplicity of life that these candies embody. They are made with a blend of spices and sugar. Try this today for a unique experience. 


Sugar, Fennel, Betel - Nut, Glazing Agent (INS-905 , INS 903), menthol, food Colour (INS 102, INS 110, INS 127), flavour ( Paan).


Shelf life : 2 Months
Size : 200 Gm
HSN Code : 21069030
Packaging Type : Pouch

Nutritional information Per 100g

Energy k/cal. 394.98
Protein (g) 6.54
Carbohydrate (g) 82.08
Sugar (g) 40.73
Total fat (g) 4.50

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