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By Gourang Vijay

Natural Sources of Protein You Need to Know


Indian cuisines touch a variety of traditional and religious cuisine as our country is heavily influenced by religion, culture, and tradition. Our Indian kitchens are full of healthy pieces of stuff in them, where protein particularly is the most essential macro-nutrient, also not all the sources of protein are brought up equally.

Proteins are obtained in different ways. The most abundant protein is obtained from plant seeds. All these natural proteins are obtained by the isolation process that strictly depends upon the physiochemical properties of the protein. Protein essentially makes up or acts as the building blocks for the organs, skin, muscles, hormones, etc. Particularly your body needs protein to repair tissues and maintain their healthiness.

When Protein Supplements?

When you are booked up with a strict schedule and not able to cook, then a protein supplement is handy, like roasted seeds that contain lots of protein and can be used as a supplement for a protein-rich diet. If you would like to try protein supplements, a huge variety of them is available online, in the form of snacks that will take care of your health buds and taste buds.

Protein has long been considered a good nutrient in the human diet, as protein is considered as building block for body tissues. It also helps repair and maintain vital tissues and considered superior for the growth of our body including organs, bones, and muscles. Protein, for the human body also works as enzymes, cellular messengers, and therefore protein is very important in the growth of every child. And honestly, when we think of a protein-rich supplement for the kids, the taste is one of the most known and concerned essences to make them love it, so we keep our hands in the roasted flavors to rule the tongue of kids and all the people buying it.

• We keep our hands on the Roasted dry fruits  which arevery rich in protein and the best part is that you can have them at your doorstep, by connecting with us through Govindjee

We have with us a few seeds and nuts that truly deserve recognition for being protein heroes and they also contain other nutrients that will give energy and provide particular health benefits when you follow a plant-based diet. The best part about seeds and nuts is that; you can buy them virtually from anywhere which are Roasted, salted, unsalted, whatever you choose!

Protein Rich Diet Includes:

 Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in protein and are digested in a better way if they group up you can buy Roasted Flax Seeds online which will give lots of protein in one tablespoon.

 Chia Seeds

 Because chia seeds are pronounced best and are used as a good replacement for eggs, also Chia seeds make vegan baking easy. If you combine one tablespoon of Roasted Chia seeds with two or three tablespoons of water, which will create a single egg replacement for your next cake or brownies. 


 These are not the nuts but the legumes which generally grow underground, and are considered in the same family as chickpeas, soya beans, and lentils. Roasted peanuts with a salty flavor are enough to stay awake to carry out with your daily schedule you can easily shop these snacks online, which will be proved as healthy and tasty for your busy working hours.


one of the oldest and finest nut trees in the world. Humans used to eat from an early age. These were viewed as Royal delicacies, which is a dry fruit rich in proteins and a handful of pistachios is enough for breakfast dining or maintaining the royal taste of these while taking care of the health you can choose both flavored ones or simple ones of your taste. 


Get ready! as November 23rd is National Kaju Day! These nuts of trees are started as an apple. Harvesters then use to take out seed from the bottom of the apple and before the seed is roasted, it is green but roasting or streaming the Cashew neutralizes the oils and makes them healthy and safe to eat, which means raw cashews aren't truly raw and with the same procedure we cater you with the best quality of roasted Kajus.


Research proves that if we increase the amount of protein in a person's diet, it is good for weight management, and to have a healthy body. We at Govindjee holds a specialty in roasting and you can get all the roasted seeds and nuts at Govindjee.


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