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By Gourang Vijay

How to Include Superfood Seeds in your Diet?


In these recent years, many of us observe that our health and body lack some significant and essential nutrients, and this lack of nutrients has become a cause for health problems. So, instead of adding chemical supplements, we should enhance our regular diet because the food we consume daily, not provide us with healthy and enough nutrition anymore. And we need to cultivate Natural supplements that we can add to our diet. Hence, we at Govindjee Jeeyo constructed our brand with a specialty in Roasted Diet Mixture.

Why Super Seeds?

Individuals who don't want to bargain with their regular meals but want to make it more efficient can add super seeds to their meal. Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, roasted flax seeds online are a few names to hit. These seeds contain more nutrients than regular diet snacks. These seeds effectively and efficiently improve the balance of nutrients, and we also try to be flexibly sufficient to blend into health and taste in most meals.

    Super seeds are highly nutritious, so you can eat them raw. We at Govindjee effectively work upon taste with the best-roasted flavors mixing some roasted nuts and dry fruits.

1. New ways to improve your diet

Inculcate them into your breakfast cereals. The best way to start your day is by choosing the best seeds for your morning breakfast. Seeds can be eaten by your choice, like in warm or cold milk,  whichever helps you feel pumped for few hours, and also seeds are nutty for taste and crunchy from texture, which makes a superb combination for our breakfast. The best part is if you add seeds in the milk bowl or glass, it enhances the nutritional value of your morning meal like sunflower seeds, and watermelon seeds are far better if you are thinking of adding them to your breakfast.

2. Addition of seeds in shakes

The best way to intake healthy fruits and vegetables is by involving shakes in your routine. Shake does not need a specific process to be  healthy as they are in a way the best addition to keep you hydrated for a long time and also one of the best ways to boost your energy. Seeds upgraded into shakes along with nuts and dry fruits make it a full flash healthy drink. Buy Chia seeds online which in a way go surprisingly amazing for shakes, and an excellent source of omega fatty acids, minerals, iron, and calcium.

3. Baking with a superfood

Who among us doesn't love freshly baked cake and cookies? It never or hardly matters if you love the sweet taste, the blend nutrition is necessary to make it tasty and crunchy in flavor to make your baked recipe super tasty because baked food is not considered healthy but by adding seeds you can surely add a great and healthy choice to eat. Buy roasted pumpkin seeds online which is proved well as a great ingredient for cakes and cookies.

4. Sprinkle it upon your salads

A salad of fruity and juicy veggies and fruits is the healthiest thing on your dining table. If these salads are made right, it is surely a very nutritious meal. The correct mixture of salad and seeds is the very light meal that keeps you activated and energized. Adding seeds to a salad will add a crunchy texture to the buccal cavity. Buy roasted flax seeds online which can be a great addition to your salad as they are rich in omega acids and fiber.

5. Use them in your meal

Although we Indians have a good diet but make it more nutritious, we need to add super seeds as a sprinkler to your dal, fruits, and nuts. Fruits like strawberries and blackberries truly enhance the taste and efficiently make it super enjoyable. In addition, Roasted Seeds Snack makes our meal a little crunchy and slightly nutty for flavor.

6. Grind and add in your soup

The versatile behavior of seeds makes us healthy. These tiny seeds make us loaded with essential supplement so it is must and powerful for our immune system. You can easily grind them and mix them in your hot bowl of soup without affecting the taste.

 Summing it up

Seeds are topping the list of superfoods because they have the most effective and health benefits, even they are power-packed with nutrients. Chewing Roasted Seeds is now-a-day a new kind of health trend.  And it is never about the time when you consume it. It is always about priority for consumption. Buy roasted seed snacks online with Govindjee that will take you upon different tastes with eyes upon your health!



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