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By Gourang Vijay

Healthy And Sweet Gajak

Gajak a dry sweet traditionally originated in North-India. A winter delicacy with lots of nutrition. Gajak’s main ingredients are Sesame Seeds (Til) and Jaggery (Gud) which takes a lot of time to prepare that is why it is not prepared at home. It is a special sweet available only during winters. Gajak is also known as rewari and it has many more names as per the cultural influence of the place. Some people call it chikki while some people know it as gur ki patti. 

Demand for these seasonal sweet increases on winter as it is a winter delight.

 It’s a festive snack for Lohri and makar sankranti. The growing popularity of this traditional dry sweet has made it available on online market. Now you can buy gajak online at https://govindjee.in/.  GovindJee has been known for its premium quality, taste and products since 1954. Gajak comes in various varieties and are enjoyed only in winter seasons. It is believed that Gajak’s are healthy to eat in winter as they provide good amount of energy to the body and nutrition.  We at GovindJee assure 100% quality and consumer satisfaction with natural flavours. GovindJee’s Gajak is crispy, crunchy and soft with melt in mouth texture.

You can buy variety of Gajak’s as perfect fit for gifts on occasions because of its aroma and crispness. GovindJee Gajak makes an adult remember their childhood memories by the taste and flavour and a kid makes memories by eating them for the first time.

Gajak is made up in variety of flavours and shapes like rolls, slabs, balls etc. The most famous and pocket friendly pack are available with us at GovindJee. 


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