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By Gourang Vijay

Delicious Namkeen

Namkeen is the Hindi word used to describe a savory flavor. The word namkeen is derived from the word namak (meaning salt). It is also used as a generic term to describe savory snack foods. Namkeen is pronounced "num-keen," and can also be referred to as numkeen, namkin, and numkin depending on where you travel throughout India and who you speak to.

The revenue to be generated by Confectionary and Snacks segment in India is 46, 57,705 Million Rupees in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.4% (CAGR 2021-2025).

GovindJee is a manufacturer of all the snacks from sweet to salty, we got you all covered. GovindJee has been serving in food industry since 1954. Our Roasted Namkeen is healthy and tasty, filling all your daily cravings. They decided to start serving the market by the method of Platform to Customer (Store/Factory to the Targeted Customer). This method has revenue of 3,67,784 Million Rupees with 121.1 Million Users in just 2020 in India. To reach the customers easily GovindJee developed online website and application for mobile and their personal delivery service. To make the reach more wide GovindJee has in-store and online both.

Roasted Namkeen being our speciality helps the target customers to avoid fried foods and continue being a health conscious. GovindJee’s delicious variety of roasted namkeen can make anyone ditch on their diets and if once eaten can’t stop to munch any time. GovindJee’s has pocket friendly prices and with delicious snack to eat at any time of the day. GovindJee has various varities of namkeen including Die Mixtures and Falahri Namkeen.

With a variety of roasted namkeen, GovindJee has variety of other mixtures. We go as per our saying that ‘TASTE AND HEALTH GO TOGETHER’. The products we offer are nutritious, tasty, and non-fried just like the healthy people like. We offer taste with health benefits to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Our products make one have all in one i.e. healthy, easily digestible and tasty. Our products are 100% quality assured and give the customer’s mouth a flavour of both sweet and salty. GovindJee has variety of Roasted Namkeen: (Click the variety and buy your pack of salty namkeen)

  • Chana Masala Lal Mirch,
  • Diet Poha,
  • Disco Papad Kali Mirchi,
  •  Disco Papad Lal Mirchi,
  •  Hing Chana,
  • Hing Masala Singdana,
  • Jau Ki Dhani,
  • Kashmiri Makka Masala,
  •  Makka Parmal,
  •  Ragi Masala,
  • Roasted Jawar,
  • Salted Chana and
  • Soyabean Masala.



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