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Singhara Atta / Chestnut Flour

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Singhara or Water chestnut is a fruit from India. These delicious edible fruits are used to make healthy flour. The chestnut flour is gluten free and extremely low in calories. In Spite of that it is a great source of energy. The usage of this is quite versatile. A whole range of various products can be made with this and it can also be used to replace your regular flour. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to regular flour, the water chestnut flour will serve you the purpose. Live healthy, live happy with Govindjee. 

  • Shelf life : 2 Months 
  • Size : 250 Gm
  • HSN Code : 11063020
  • Packaging Type : Pouch

      Amount per serving 100 gm.

      Energy k/cal. 368
      Protein (g) 10.1
      Carbohydrate  (g) 77.6
      Sugar (g)
      Total fat (g) 1.9


      Storage information -

      Store the snacks in an airtight container to avoid any sort of moisture.
      Our snacks are brought to you in resealable canisters and ziplock bags, making your snacking experience smarter. 

      Store in cool, dry and dark place not exceeding 25° C, away from direct sunlight.

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