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Roasted Samosa / Samosa Masala

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The samosa masala is a delicious and crunchy snack that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. This is a savoury treat mostly meant for casual munching. You can try this out at tea time or anytime you feel the need to snack. Kids love it because of the crunch and the lip-smacking masala. The samosa masala also has a fun and unique shape. Try out this munchable goodness and feel the flavours of India! 

  • Shelf life : 2 Months 
  • Size : 200 Gm
  • HSN Code : 21069099
  • Packaging Type : Pouch

Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Corn Starch,  Topioca Starch, Edible Refined Soyabean oil, Iodized Salt, Chillies Powder, Kala Namak, Mixed Spices Powder, Condiments & Citric Acid {330}

      Amount per serving 100 gm.

      Energy k/cal. 296.1
      Protein (g) 14.79
      Carbohydrate  (g) 44.88
      Sugar (g)
      Total fat (g) 6.78

      Storage information -

      Store the snacks in an airtight container to avoid any sort of moisture.
      Our snacks are brought to you in resealable canisters and ziplock bags, making your snacking experience smarter. 

      Store in cool, dry and dark place not exceeding 25° C, away from direct sunlight.

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      Good snacks

      Light and tasty snack option.